Cornerstone Sporthorses
Cornerstone Sporthorses is a small breeding farm in Altoona, FL and is dedicated to producing quality Friesian Sporthorses.  We have been raising and breeding horses since 2000.   

We strive to produce offspring that are successful in dressage and jumping.  Our competitive success has been in United States Dressage Federation (USDF) and Dressage Sport Horse Breeding (DSHB) arenas.  Gigha Steinman of River Oaks Farm has been instrumental to that success and we would like to thank her for the high quality training which contributed to our outstanding dressage results, we couldn't have done it without her! Find out more at
About Cornerstone Sporthorses 
Breeding warmbloods continues to be our passion and we have shifted our focus in 2011 to specialize in Friesian Sporthorses.  We believe that adding carefully chosen Friesians to Warmbloods is the foundational building block for a quality Sporthorse partner. 

We fully agree with FSA’s commitment to develop outstanding Sporthorses based on combining the beauty, temperament, and expressive gaits of the Friesian, with the increased athleticism, elasticity, endurance, and versatility of breeds such as the Warmblood and Thoroughbred, with the added benefit of the hybrid vigor which comes from crossbreeding. This focus is what sets the Friesian Sporthorse apart from other Friesian crossbreds. Friesian Sporthorses are especially popular for dressage and combined driving, having competed successfully at the highest levels of both sports.   

Careful, selective, responsible breeding will continue to refine the Friesian Sporthorse. The Friesian Sporthorse Association (FSA) seeks to promote and encourage this careful, selective breeding, by being the first registry dedicated exclusively to recognizing and promoting the true Friesian Sporthorse.  For more information on Friesian Sporthorses, please visit
Gigha Steinman riding G Walkabout
Cornerstone Sporthorses Altoona, FL
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