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Oct. 2012 - Boca ROF and Lockheed CS receive their Bronze Elite with the Friesian Sporthorse Association
We were happy to host our first inspection for the Friesian Sporthorse Association.   We presented Boca ROF and Lockheed CS.  We are thrilled that all of Boca's foals are now eligible for Main Book status and that she received her Bronze Elite.  Lockheed  CS also earned his Bronze Elite.  Thank you to the Friesian Sporthorse Association for allowing us to host the inspection and a special thanks to Dean Graham for handling our horses.
May 11, 2012  - Our First Foal Has Arrived!!!!  
Lockheed CS (Lox)  had an early start, he was due around June 6 and was born May 11th!  A beautiful colt by LexingtonElite Book Friesian Sporthorse and out of Boca ROF (Blue Eyed Dream x Pieter fan Lutke Peinjum), Friesian Sporthorse.  We are thankful he is healthy!  Special thanks to Gigha Steinman of River Oaks Farm for foaling Boca ROF and ensuring the health of Lox!
Dec 2011 - Lily ROF National Champion Inspection & In-hand for Friesian Sporthorse Assocaiation (FSA)
We are very proud of Lily ROF by Lexington (FSA) and out of  Natasha (NAWPN) (Jacobean) who is the 2011 Champion for FSA!  Thank you River Oaks Farm for breeding such a nice youngster.  
Sept 2011 - Lily ROF American Warmblood Society Inspection Site Champion and Finished 2nd in Nation for Year End Awards Weanling Fillies
Lily attended the AWS inspection in Melbourne, FL and was awarded the Gold medal and was also the inspection site highest score.  
Sept 2011 - Lily ROF 2011 USDF/DSHB SOUTHEAST Regional Champion
Lily ROF (Lexington x Jacobean x Consul) attended the Sunshine Sporthorse Sunshine Classic and had a very successful show!    She received an 81.7% and went on to finish as the highest scoring foal of current year 2011.  Special thanks to handler Dean Graham and Gigha Steinman!
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July/August 2012 Friesian Sporhorses in Warmbloods Today!
Our own Lily ROF (Lexington x Jacobean x Consul) , bred by Gigha Steinman, was featured in the July/August 2012 issue of Warmbloods Today.  Lily ROF and her sire Lexington were among examples of the Friesian Sporthorse breed.  To view the full article, please visit

Dec. 2012 - Lockheed finished in the top 5 for the Friesian Sporthorse Association Inspection & In-hand National Year End Results
We are thrilled that Lockheed CS, by Lexington (Elite Book FSA FEI stallion) and out of Boca ROF (Blue Eyed Dream x Pieter fan Lutke Peinjum), finished so well!  We would like to congratulate all the 2012 FSA winners!    
Nov. 2012 - Welcome Katrichta
We are very excited to add Katrichta KWPN Ster (Bolivar x Eros x Selim) to our breeding program.  She is currently bred to Lexington and her foal is due Feb 2, 2012.  Thank you Daniela Hofacker at Camelot Warmbloods for the opportunity to own this lovely mare.   
Jan. 2013 - Boca ROF and Lockheed CS have a new home!  

Congratulations Anne on the purchase of this fine pair.  We look forward to a new addition in May as well!
Feb 20, 2013 - Our First Foal of 2013 has arrived!!!!
Katrichta (Bolivar x Eros x Selim) made us wait....  but she delivered a healthy Colt!  We are glad to welcome  Learjet (Lexington x Bolivar x Eros).   Thanks to Daniela Hofacker of Camelot Warmbloods for breeding Kat and giving us the opportunity to own them.
March 19, 2013 - Another Lexington foal!
Blue Eyed Mist (Blue Eyed Dream/Mascarpone/Wummestern) foaled just before Midnight.  She gave us a beautiful Smoky Black colt by LexingtonElite Book FSA Grand Prix Dressage Stallion.  More photos to come!!!
Land Rover's First Day Out
We finally decided on a name for our newest Lexington addition.  Introducing Land Rover CS  (aka L.R.) by Lexington, Elite book FSA Grand Prix stallion and out of Blue Eyed Mist (Blue Eyed Dream/Mascarpone/Wummestern). 
Congratulations Anne - Boca ROF's Foal has Arrived!!
April 29, 2013 - Layla is by Lexington, Elite Book Friesian Sporthorse FEI stallion out of Boca ROF by Blue Eyed Dream.  Layla is owned by Anne Johnson and was bred by Cornerstone Sporthorses. 
Surf's Up Cup GAIG/USDF Breeders Championship Qualifier
June 2013 - We had a fun and successful Sunday at the Orlando Dressage Surf's Up Cup  USDF DSHB.  Learjet (Lexington x Bolivar x Eros) won his colts/geldings of current year class and came in 2nd in the championship to our own Lisbon ROF!  It was a great experience for Learjet and Lisbon ROF!  Many thanks to Andres Szieberth and Gigha Steinman for handling!
New Addition!  Welcome Lisbon ROF!

We are so happy with Lily ROF that we have entered into a partnership with Vicki Miller of Humboldt, TN to own Lisbon ROF (Lexington/ Jacobean/Consul).  She is a super sweet filly!  She competed at the Surf's Up Cup USDF DSHB show and won the fillies of current year and also won the Championship for foals of current year qualifying her for the Southeast Breeder Championships!
Summer Sizzler 1 GAIG/USDF DSHB Qualifier
June 2013 - An Excellent weekend for Land Rover CS  (Lexginton/Blue Eyed  Dream/Mascarpone) who competed at his first USDF DSHB show and qualified for Regional Championships!  He won the colts/geldings of current year and was the overall champion of the Foals of current year championship class!  
Lisbon ROF  (Lexington/Jacobean/Consul) had another outstanding win in current year fillies class and finished  reserve in the foal championships to Land Rover CS!

Special Thanks to Dean Graham, Andres Szieberth, Gigha Steinaman & Ashley Reisman for handling.
Summer Sizzler 2 GAIG/USDF DSHB Qualifier
​August 2013 - Another Grand Champion finish for Learjet  (Lexington x Bolivar x Eros) at the USDF DSHB show at Canterbury!  He won the foals of current year qualifier and championship.  He was also the highest scoring FSA horse!  Most exciting is that Learjet's sire, Lexington,  competed Grand Prix!  

Special thanks to Dean Graham and Gigha Steinman for handling.
2013 GAIG USDF Southeast Breeders Championships
Sept 2013 - Congrats to all the USDF DSHB Southeast Region participants.  We had a great show and Cornerstone was well represented with 3 current year foals that Qualified.

Lisbon ROF finished Reserve Champion overall!  The boys were both just behind her.  Learjet finished 4th and Land Rover CS was 3rd.  A Gracious Thank you to Dean Graham and Gigha Steinman for handling.    
USDF National Year-End Awards

Learjet (Main / Bronze Elite) was the 2013 USDF/FSA All-Breeds DSHB Reserve Champion for Colts/Geldings, and finished 8th for the USDF 2013 DSHB Horse of the Year (Colts/Geldings.) 

Land Rover CS (Main / Bronze Elite) was the 2013 USDF/FSA All-Breeds DSHB National Champion for Colts/Geldings, and finished 7th for USDF's prestigious 2013 DSHB Horse of the Year (Colts/Geldings.) 

Lisbon ROF (Main / Bronze Elite) was the 2013 USDF/FSA All-Breeds DSHB National Champion for Fillies, and finished 8th for USDF's prestigious 2013 DSHB Horse of the Year (Fillies.)
Learjet has a New Home!
Learjet has arrived safely at his new home in California!  Congrats Tyla on the purchase of your new dressage partner!  We look forward to future updates!
April 2014 - Welcome Lotus CS
Blue Eyed Mist (Blue Eyed Dream/Mascarpone/Wummestern) delivered a beautiful Smoky Black Filly by Lexington, Elite Book Friesian Sporthorse Grand Prix Stallion.  She will be a wonderful addition to any breeding program looking to add color genetics such as buckskins, Smoky Blacks and Black.  
April 2014-   It's a Filly!!!   Meet Lola CS.
Katrichta Ster KWPN (Bolivar/Eros/Selim) had a beautiful Bay Filly by Elite Book FSA Grand Prix Stallion Lexington!  She is super sweet!  More pictures to come.
May 2014 - Our Mares are confirmed in foal to                         Lexington for 2015!
Katrichta (Bolivar x Eros x Selim) Ster KWPN is confirmed in foal to Lexington, Elite Book Grand Prix Friesian Sporthorse.  Natasha (Jacobean x by Roemer/Jazzmine by Consul) NAWPN is also confirmed and foal.
July 2014 - USDF Sport Horse Seminar
We attended the USDF Sport Horse Seminar held at the New Bolton Center and Iron Spring Farms in PA.  Special thanks to Kristi Wysocki and William Solntjes for instructing the Seminar and to Iron Spring Farms for hosting and presenting many beautiful horses for evaluation.  The course focused on Sport Horse conformation and Bio-mechanics education.   
September 2014 - USDF NWFL Classic IV Dressage Show
Savignon Blanc ROF (Lexington x Jacobean x Consul) and Lola CS (Lexington x Bolivar x Eros) had a great showing at the the NWFL Classic IV Dressage Show.  Lola won the Filly of Current Year Class and the Filly of Current Year Championship!  Savignon had a great showing and finished 3rd!  Special thanks to Dean Graham and Gigha Steinman for handling!
2014  GAIG USDF  Southeast Breeders Championship Finals
 2014  GAIG USDF  Southeast Breeders Championship Finals
 Lola CS (Lexington x Bolivar x Eros) finished Reserve Grand Champion for Filly of Current Year Championship!  We are very pleased with her performance and how well she traveled.   Special  thanks to Dean Graham for handling!
Lily ROF (Lexington x Jacobean x Consul) attended the NWFL Classic IV Dressage Show and the GAIG USDF Breeders Championship Finals.  She won the Filly Class and the Filly Championship at the NWFL Classic IV Dressage Show.  Lily ROF also won the Filly Class at the GAIG USDF Southeast Breeders Championship Finals!  Special thanks to handler Dean Graham!  We would also like to Thank Gigha Steinman for preparing her for the show!
Oct 2014 -Land Rover CS Sold!
Congratulations to Carol Seaman of Outfoxed Farm Chester, NY on her new Dressage Partner Land Rover CS (Lexington x Blue Eyed Dream x Marscarpone)!  Best Wishes for a successful partnership!
Lily ROF is Confirmed in foal for 2016!
May 2015 - Katrichta delivered a Beautiful Black Filly!
April 2015 - Lola CS & Lotus CS celebrate their 1st Birthday
Lotus CS  (Lexington x Blue Eyed Dream x Mascarpone) and Lola CS (Lexington x Bolivar x Eros) celebrate their one year birthday.    More information on both these quality fillies can be found on the For Sale page.
Katrichta Ster KWPN (Bolivar/Eros/Selim) had a beautiful  Filly by Elite Book FSA Grand Prix Stallion Lexington!    More pictures to come.
Lily ROF (Lexington x Jacobean x Roemer) is confirmed in foal to Tietse 428 (Reyert 337 x Oepke 266), Grand Prix Friesian  Stallion.  
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November 2015 - Inspection time!
We hosted an inspection with the Friesian Sporthorse Association.  Many thanks to Mr. Dean Graham for handling!  We presented Lola CS , Larkin CS ( Lexington x Bolivar x Eros) and Lotus CS (Lexington x Blue Eyed Dream x Mascarpone).  All received their Bronze Elite status! ​ 
March 2016 -Lily's Foal has Arrived!!
Lily ROF (Lexington x Jacobean x Consul) delivered a large Colt on 3/22/16.  A big thanks to Gigha Steinman of River Oaks Farm for her great care and foaling skills.  This Colt is by Tietse 428 (Reyert 337 x Oepke 266) a Grand Prix Friesian Stallion.  This Colt will be registered FSA, USDF & USEF.  He is 62.5% Friesian, 25 % Dutch Warmblood and 12.5% Thoroughbred.  He is available for sale.
 Sept 2016 - Talon CS continues to grow
 Talon CS  by Tietse 428 (Reyert 337 x Oepke 266) continues to grow, we are very pleased with this pairing and have decided to breed Lily ROF to Tietse 428 again.  We look forward to presenting him to FSA for inspection. 

We have also updated Lola CS & Lotus CS videos.